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Darcie Baker-Brogan
'Little Miss Crafty Betty'
Darcie is my daughter and works part time at Crafty Betty in the Tearoom and helping out in the classes. She has launched her own hair accessory brand 'Sew Darcie' and can be found on Facebook or Instagram. She makes lovely hair scrunchies, vintage headbands and is always inundated with orders.  Darcie is an avid seamstress and is currently making her own clothes in preparation for starting 6th Form in September.

Michelle Baker
Owner of Crafty Betty
I am always been asked if my name is Betty but alas it is not. Betty was my Grandmother who first inspired me to sew. She had an old fashioned sewing machine that I used to love using and would never tire of me wanting to make things with her. She made her own clothes and was a brilliant knitter too. When she died I inherited her sewing box and her button tin., which I still use in the studio today:-)  It seemed quite apt to name the business after her don't you think?

Val Allen
'Grannie Val'

Val is my Mum and Betty's daughter. She can often be found at the studio serving teas and coffees on a Friday. Val is an excellent cook and makes delicious cakes that the Crochet Knit & Natter LOVE! In fact the neighbouring shops have started placing their orders! 
Mum is a great help in the studio cutting out fabrics and helping me with my sewing orders.

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